Saturday, August 22, 2009

Melissa and Doug™ Magnetic Dress Up Dolls Review

Melissa and Doug™ have been leading the way in creative and imaginative toys. I am pleased to be reviewing the Melissa and Doug™ magnetic dress up dolls (ages 3+). The Melissa and Doug™ website now features 6 different sets of magnetic dolls prices ranging from 12.99 (one doll + clothes and accessories) to 29.99 (four dolls + clothes and accessories). My first thought when receiving the dolls..... what a great idea! I remember playing with paper dolls that lasted about a whole hour before the paper tabs broke off. I love the fact that these are sturdy wooden dolls, each doll comes with a wooden stand which fit our dolls snuggly. My daughters both happily went to work dressing the dolls and changing their outfits.
So the first time my girls played with this, they played non stop for almost two hours. Which is very, very good for my two girls. At first they were both happy just dressing the girls, until they realized they both really liked Joeys outfits. Joey can become a police officer, a knight, a pirate, a fireman, a construction worker or a superhero. My girls like to try to interchange the clothes a bit from doll to doll, but I notice that all the dolls are not the same size or standing the same way, so the clothes kind of awkwardly overlap or are too small. Doesn't seem to bother my girls much though.
I absolutely love the wooden trays that they are stored in. They are painted in bright colors and look great sitting on my girls bookcase. My only complaint with them is they really should have come with some kind of cover to prevent the pieces from falling out when my girls take them off the shelf.
My girls have three of these sets now and they still play with them 2-3 times a week. Which is exactly what I want in a toy. They have shown this dolls to all of their friends and we have found boys love it just as much as they do. Melissa and Doug™ definitely have a winner in these dolls. I would encourage them to put a little more thought into a cover for the box. They do have a good selection of dolls available on their website,but I would also suggest a female doll, that has outfits similar to Joeys.
These sets definitely get my recommendation for great imaginative fun.


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