Thursday, August 27, 2009

Nescafe™ Taster's Choice Coffee Sample and Review

I am something of a coffee connoisseur, pretty much it rules my existence and I NEED it to survive. I love fresh brewed hot coffee, but I also enjoy the convenience of instant coffee. I always have a container of instant coffee in my house since it only takes a few seconds to make. when I used to go to work my day job, I would always keep a container of taster's choice in my desk. It was always great to fall back on when the coffee would run out. Cute packaging with 6 samples of nescafe™ instant coffee, 100 % Colombian, gourmet roast, hazelnut, original gourmet, vanilla and decaffeinated. Just mix with 6 oz of hot water and voila, delicious hot tasty coffee.
My favorite is a toss up between the gourmet roast and hazelnut! This is the first time I tried the vanilla and I like it too! Although I love them all. Want to score a free sample too? CLICK HERE!


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