Monday, August 31, 2009

Radio Flyer The Inchworm

Radio Flyer The Green Inchworm
I was so excited when I got this for my girls. What a great retro toy, rereleased by radio-flyer, this toy is recommended for 2-5 years of age. The perfect age for my 2 girls. There is some assembly required for this toy, which drove my girls crazy since they wanted to play NOW! I should have assembled before they saw it, although it didn't take long to get it ready to roll.
My girls are great at sharing all toys with each other so they decided that Kaitlyn our 2 year old would go first. We brought the toy to out back to our patio and decided that it may be easier at first to play on the concrete, first, at least until our girls understood the concept of the toy. We tried to show our 2 year old how to bounce up and down and make it move, but the toy was overall very stiff, instead she just pushed it along with her feet.
My three year old understood what she needed to do to make it work before she got on the inchworm. So when it was her turn she tried to bounce up and down, and she was mostly unsuccessful as well. Each time she would bounce, it would literally go about an inch. She tried for a few minutes and then started to complain that her butt hurt. I understand why that would happen looking at the design of the seat and the fact that she was literally jumping in the air in order for it to move. My 3 year old weighs 33lbs and clearly didn't weigh enough to make this work. She too, began to push it along with her feet.
I thought this through and decided to enlist the neighbors twins to help us out with this (4 1/2 years old). They both took their turns and it did work a little bit better, but both of them looked to be way too old and tall to be riding on the toy.
We have now had this toy for a while and basically I wouldn't reccomend buying this for any child. My daughters do still ride on it, but have given up on bouncing. They prefer any other bike they have but running the daycare sometimes that is all that is available. It is a cute toy, but definitely needs to be re-evaluated to actually work properly.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this review- very helpful. We'd been thinking of getting one for our 3 yr old & 15 month old for Christmas, but after reading this, probably won't!

onecrypticmama AT yahoo DOT com

CC said...

but it sure is cute! ;)

Bunny B said...
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Bunny B said...

Too bad that it doesn't work that well, cos it's really cute!!!

bunnybx at gmail . com

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