Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Advertise with us

How would you like to advertise on 3 Girls Product Review? We are a family oriented site and welcome advertisers that fit in that category. We have many advertising packages available and would love to discuss with you further. Right now a 125X125 button, placed in a prominent place on our site, is available. Other advertising Will be discussed via email or phone.

You can submit your own button or we can make one for you for a one time fee of $15, and you get to keep your button for use beyond our website.
Right now we are offering a 125X125 button to be place in a prominent place on our site for the low cost of $15 per month or you can buy the 6 month super saver for $75.00.
You may contact us at 3girlsproductreview@gmail.com for arrangements