Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fisher Price™ Smart Cycle™ Review

Smart Cycle™ (recommended for ages 3-6)

There was so much excitement in my house as I opened the Smart Cycle. There was some assembly, but nothing too difficult. Connecting to the t.v. is really easy and the cord is long enough to give some distance bet We set this up in Arianas bedroom with a small t.v. so we didn't take over the living room with toys. My daughter was not much of a bike rider before this, but what a change this toy has made! After about 2 days she could figure out how to get to click through to the different games and which direction the pedals should actually be going. Her favorite is the bus game where you pedal to collect the different numbers and letters.
This toy is great because it actually helped to teach my daughter how to ride her real bicycle properly. She learns her numbers and letters and animals and lots more. She isn't just plopped in front of the t.v. doing nothing, this actually promotes some exercise. It is great for rainy days when the children can't go outside and need something entertaining to do inside. Also this will grow with her for at least a few years since they have cute cartridges that can be purchased separately, like Dora the Explorer™, Hot Wheels™, Diego™, Spongebob™ Dinosaurs and Scooby Doo™. These cartridges also make this great for boys or girls, although my daughter loves all of these.
What I don't like about this toy, it runs on D batteries and although my batteries seem to last a long time, it really should come with an AC/DC plug. I would even buy it separate but it is not even an option. My sister also has this for her son and he absolutely loves this too, but in using this he actually broke the pedal. Fisher Price was quick to replace it though which made me even more confident in my purchase of this.
Overall I would say that although this toy is one of the more expensive toys they own, it was a great investment. I am happy we got it for them and their interest in this hasn't faded one bit.


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