Friday, September 18, 2009

Toy Storage organizer Review

My daughters seem to have lots of little toys, which drives me crazy! Between their Polly pockets™, little people™ , puzzles, play food and Barbies™, they were all jumbled and thrown into a big toy box and the end of the day! That is where this great toy organizer came in. We opened the box and the colors were bright vibrant and all there. We decided right from the start that assembly would be much easier with the help of our screw gun. I could have put it together with a plain old screwdriver, but it would have taken at least 3-4 times as long. To assemble all you have to do is take a rod and place it in the sideboard and screw it together. Then repeat this 7 more times, then screw together the other side. It may have taken us all of ten minutes.

While we were putting this together we had our girls go thru the junk toy box and start putting all of their play food in one in one bin. Then they went on to the ponies, puzzles and so on. By the time we were done we still had more room for small toys in the organizer and all of their large toys were left to the toy box. It holds a huge amount of toys. It is also great how the bins are tilted so the kids can see all of their toys at one glance and not have to rummage through all of their toys before they find what they want to play with.

I am so happy we got this, my girls know that they can take one bin out at a time and when they are done playing with that, all the toys go back and they can take out another bin. It has cleared up the big jumbled mess and it is surprisingly sturdy and looks really good in my daughters room. This also comes in primary colors which would appeal to a boys room as well.

I recommend this to anyone who is having troubles trying to tackle all the little kid clutter, I could see it filled with matchboxes, toy animals, hair accessories, figurines and the list could go on and on!


Ali said...

My kids each have one of these and I love them for all the reasons you listed here!

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