Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summers Last Hurrah! Cheap Fun Ideas to help go out with a bang!

At the end of every summer we seem to try to cram in as much as possible. There is always a swimming, a barbeque and endless nights sitting at our patio enjoying the night breeze, marshmallows and watching the neighborhood kids enjoy the last bits of their freedom. There is so much we would love to do, but with financial strains we had to figure out how to end our summer a little more frugally and a lot more creative. In just two steps you too can provide a fun outing for your kids too.
1. Pack it up. Whether you stay at home or go out you will need to eat. Right? So instead of spending money for food pack everything up at home and bring it with you.
2.Pick your destination. What? That's It! Yep
It doesn't take loads of money to make your summer memorable it just takes spending time with your family.

Need some free or really cheap ideas? Check out your local community calendar for festivals, events, and library programs. Go to the local park and watch a little league ball game. Go for a hike. Find a community pool, Many times people don't even know there is one, until they find out the local high school may have free swim times. Call and ask! Find an outdoor concert or a free movie under the stars. Go to a nearby beach or lake or state park. Get a frisbee and find a free folf course. Look it up if you don't know what it is. Now go have fun!


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