Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Bloggers snag your own Energizer™ Smart Charger

I continue to come up with money saving ideas for our family.  Within our family we seem to go through batteries like water.   The biggest culprits seem to be the little trains and cars they have with their train set, of course my digital camera, and the numerous remotes that we have stashed around the house.
 So we devised a  great way to save money, time and unnecessary trips to the convenience store.  Invest in an Energizer™ Smart Charger battery charging station! This would definitely keep my kids tantrums at bay if they could see how long it will take until they can use their batteries again.  The Energizer™ Smart Charger is definitely a must have in all homes.
   Even though Energizer™ already has the *"world's longest lasting AA and AAA batteries in high tech devices" wouldn't it be smarter and more environmentally friendly if we started purchasing the reusable batteries? Their new Smart Charger gives more charges and a more reliable run time. The Energizer™ Smart Charger charges either 2 or 4 AA or AAA rechargeable batteries. It is Energy Star™-certified and has a large LCD screen display which gives a fuel gauge and a countdown clock. It also features a disposable and bad battery detector.


Attention Bloggers!

By now you’ve obviously already been in touch with one of our esteemed Smart ChargHers and learned of Energizer’s giveaway offer for any and all bloggers. But as a refresher, we will be giving bloggers a Smart Charger and a $15 gift card to Target if you write a blog post on one of the following angles:

Recapping your encounter with our Smart ChargHers at BlogHer
Review of any Energizer charger and/or Energizer rechargeable batteries
Why you think an Energizer Smart Charger would make your life easier?
Again, this opportunity is NOT restricted to only BlogHer attendees, so please feel free to “Spread the Swag” and share this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, with your blogger community or email this file to a friend! If you share on Twitter please use the hashtag #EnergizerSC.

The Guidelines

Blog articles need to be posted between August 6 and August 27, 2010 (limited to the first 200 bloggers who post their article)
Postings must be at least 200 words and images are encouraged
E-mail the link plus preferred shipping address to wendyb AT blickandstaff DOT com
Additional Details

Once your article is online and you’ve emailed Wendy to share the link, we will reply with a confirmation confirming you were in fact one of the first 200 respondents. Chargers and Target gift cards will be shipped to the address you provided (no P.O. boxes, please) no later than Nov. 1, 2010.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

K'nex Sesame Street Building Sets Review and Giveaway!!

K'nex Sesame Street Building Set Review and Giveaway! (recommended for ages 2 to 7 years)

We have all grown up watching Sesame Street and it is just as popular as ever. K'nex helps kids create These sets make great presents. It is recommended for ages 2 to 7, but honestly I think a 7 year old would get bored quickly with this set. Ages 2 to 5 would be ideal. 15 pieces makes up Ernie which comes in a convenient and cute storage case.
You can purchase separate characters include Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch, and Ernie. Or you can purchase sets such as Elmo and his Piano building set or Cookie Monster and Mr. Hoopers store and many more!
These sets are great because my 2 year old, has no problems in attaching the pieces together, although Ernie usually end up with his legs stuck in the arm holes. My 3 year old can assemble each of the characters properly, but she puts a lot of thought into which pieces will come next. It gives both my girls a sense of accomplishment when all the characters are put together. They also continue the fun after the sets are put together with pretend play.
My only gripe with the sets is that one of Ernies shoes seem to continuously fall off and needs to be constantly reconnected.

I recommend these sets and they seem to be great presents for any preschooler, and a big hit for birthday parties and make wonderful stocking stuffers.

Wanna buy it? Check out these great Amazon Deals!

Want to win? We are giving away a $15. Amazon gift certificate code, the winner will be emailed the code directly after the contest Contest ends Wednesday September 30th at 11:59pm EST. Winners will be announced on my blog and also sent and email. You have 10 days after I send the email to claim your prize or another winner will be chosen.

Here is how to enter
First Entry... this is mandatory and you need to do this before any other entry's. Visit Amazon and tell me another k'nex product that looks interesting to you. Then make a comment below telling me what that item is. Make sure I have a way to contact you if you win.

Extra entrys:
1. Subscribe to my site +1 entry
2. check out this post and leave a comment on it one time +5 entrys
3 Follow my twitter and tweet about this contest you can do this once a day
4. Buy something from Visit Amazon and leave me a comment. +5 entrys

* If you complete #2 or #4, you can just leave one comment saying you did so. If you choose to leave 5 comments, that is fine, but you will still have the same chance of winning as the person who left one comment. I am just trying to save everyone a little time as I know blog contests can be time consuming.

Sign up here and start earning your own free Amazon gift cards!

Friday, September 18, 2009

My 3 year olds picture! Please help vote her a winner.

Henkel™ helps contest
My sweet daughter made a really cute picture of herself planting flowers. She went around the house and we went through our junk drawers looking for things to cut up and paste, and glue to a back of an old hardcover book that had fallen apart. She came up with a green, yellow and pink hair bands that were stretched out their capacity. She also found some flurescent pink cardboard from an old package, some cereal she thought looked like flowers and some paper towels! Along with her white crayon and glue, she was ready to start her masterpiece.
Her article in the local papers!
You can Vote here once a day, now until September 30th, to give her a chance at winning money for art supplies for her sister and the other kids in our daycare. I appreciate your help in this!!

Toy Storage organizer Review

My daughters seem to have lots of little toys, which drives me crazy! Between their Polly pockets™, little people™ , puzzles, play food and Barbies™, they were all jumbled and thrown into a big toy box and the end of the day! That is where this great toy organizer came in. We opened the box and the colors were bright vibrant and all there. We decided right from the start that assembly would be much easier with the help of our screw gun. I could have put it together with a plain old screwdriver, but it would have taken at least 3-4 times as long. To assemble all you have to do is take a rod and place it in the sideboard and screw it together. Then repeat this 7 more times, then screw together the other side. It may have taken us all of ten minutes.

While we were putting this together we had our girls go thru the junk toy box and start putting all of their play food in one in one bin. Then they went on to the ponies, puzzles and so on. By the time we were done we still had more room for small toys in the organizer and all of their large toys were left to the toy box. It holds a huge amount of toys. It is also great how the bins are tilted so the kids can see all of their toys at one glance and not have to rummage through all of their toys before they find what they want to play with.

I am so happy we got this, my girls know that they can take one bin out at a time and when they are done playing with that, all the toys go back and they can take out another bin. It has cleared up the big jumbled mess and it is surprisingly sturdy and looks really good in my daughters room. This also comes in primary colors which would appeal to a boys room as well.

I recommend this to anyone who is having troubles trying to tackle all the little kid clutter, I could see it filled with matchboxes, toy animals, hair accessories, figurines and the list could go on and on!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Winners list!

Congratulations Swtilchick
$15 Amazon™ Gift Card Giveaway!
Swtlilchick said...

SEPTEMBER 13, 2009 6:14 PM

Congratulations: saeddins262
you are the winner of the
$10 gift Starbucks™
Anonymous said...
I just subscribed. Very cute site!

SEPTEMBER 6, 2009 5:26 AM

I pick my winners using randomizer.org Congrats to both!

Thank you to all who have entered and be on the lookout for more giveaways coming soon!

Monday, September 14, 2009

RIP Patrick Swayze Died September 14 2009

Patrick Swayze has made many a heart throb, I know he did mine. Listed as Peoples "Sexiest Man Alive" in 1991, he was adored by woman. Best known for his leading roles in Dirty Dancing and Ghost I think I have seen every one of his movies. I adored him and his sexy bad boy image, in the Outsiders, Point Break and Road house
This has made me terribly sad. I was the 14 year old who watched Dirty Dancing a million and one times. Sadly it has been confirmed that Patrick Swayze died today at the age of 57. He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in early 2008. He was such a great actor and person He will be truly missed.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Please help stop child abuse.

It breaks my heart to think of the helpless child out there who is has been abused and has no help available to them. I hope any one who suspects a child is being abused would step up and be the voice for that child. We are all obligated to fight for any child in need. If you suspect a child is a victim of child abuse please help them. You can call your local authorities or The National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-4-A-CHILD.
This Blog actually got me thinking about this whole subject and I hope together through our blogs, we can help at least one child who is in need.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Toddlers Costume Ideas

Today I went to the store to find the entire middle section filled with rows and rows of candy! Agghh Hallloween so soon! Last year my daughters were a frog and a princess, I thought it was a cute theme since our baby had a fascination with frogs and my other daughter just wanted to be "pretty". So I was wondering have you thought what your kids want to be for halloween?

There are so many costumes to come up with I separated them into categories with examples in each

Career Costumes: train engineer, doctor , mail carrier, athlete
Bug costumes: Ladybugs, bumble bees, spiders
Fairy tale costumes: Goldilocks, Fairies, Princesses, brides
Superhero costumes: Wonder woman, superman, batman
Tv costumes: Dora, Wonder Pets, Scooby-Doo
Movie costumes: Little orphan Annie, Pippi Longstocking, Madeline, Speed racer, Wizard of Oz, Star WArs
Animal Costumes: Pig, Dog, Sheep, Horse
Food: Grapes, Carrots Candy Corn
Celebrities: Elvis, Evil Knevil
Classic: Witches, Pumpkins,

I realize that this list could go on and on, so I guess I will just stop and ask a question. What are you thinking for Halloween? Do you all go trick or treating, or stay home and enjoy handing out the candy!

Amtrak™ Train Engineer Costume

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fisher Price™ Smart Cycle™ Review

Smart Cycle™ (recommended for ages 3-6)

There was so much excitement in my house as I opened the Smart Cycle. There was some assembly, but nothing too difficult. Connecting to the t.v. is really easy and the cord is long enough to give some distance bet We set this up in Arianas bedroom with a small t.v. so we didn't take over the living room with toys. My daughter was not much of a bike rider before this, but what a change this toy has made! After about 2 days she could figure out how to get to click through to the different games and which direction the pedals should actually be going. Her favorite is the bus game where you pedal to collect the different numbers and letters.
This toy is great because it actually helped to teach my daughter how to ride her real bicycle properly. She learns her numbers and letters and animals and lots more. She isn't just plopped in front of the t.v. doing nothing, this actually promotes some exercise. It is great for rainy days when the children can't go outside and need something entertaining to do inside. Also this will grow with her for at least a few years since they have cute cartridges that can be purchased separately, like Dora the Explorer™, Hot Wheels™, Diego™, Spongebob™ Dinosaurs and Scooby Doo™. These cartridges also make this great for boys or girls, although my daughter loves all of these.
What I don't like about this toy, it runs on D batteries and although my batteries seem to last a long time, it really should come with an AC/DC plug. I would even buy it separate but it is not even an option. My sister also has this for her son and he absolutely loves this too, but in using this he actually broke the pedal. Fisher Price was quick to replace it though which made me even more confident in my purchase of this.
Overall I would say that although this toy is one of the more expensive toys they own, it was a great investment. I am happy we got it for them and their interest in this hasn't faded one bit.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Toddler Series Girl's Lil Quad Review

We have had this Fisher Price toddler series girls lil quad (recommended ages 18-36months) for years now. We received it as a present from the grandparents for my Arianas 1st christmas (she is 3 1/2 now) and both my girls still enjoy using it. My daughters first time riding her lil quad she understood the concept. (Push the button and it moves) I don't think she grasped the idea of actually steering it until she was at least 2. So pretty much she would push the button and it would end up hitting a tree (doesn't go real fast), then she would turn it around with her feet until she would find something else to hit or we would turn her around so she didn't get out of our site or into trouble.
Charging this is a snap, the battery lifts right out of the seat and you bring it inside and plug it in. It does say that you need to charge this for 14 hours, so I would recommend getting another battery. Make sure you get a battery made for this model the larger Power wheels batteries will not fit this.
So I have had this for 2 3/4 years now. I have only had one battery the whole time and it still runs for about an hour each time. The colors have faded a little on the quad, but that is probably because sometimes we left it out in the sun. Now Kaitlyn our 2 year old is the main rider of this, although my 3 1/2 year old still takes her turn. This would be a very good investment for anyone to buy for their kids. It has gotten a lot of play and is very reasonably priced. You won't be disappointed.